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ha, "YMCA" is the first sing that came to my mind. sent using Tapatalk
In other words...she still pinches sometimes? sent using Tapatalk
sent using TapatalkYes, something like that. The question is, what activities?!
I want to buy or make some natural (not just non-toxic) crayons and/or finger paints for my DD. Recommendations and/or recipes? sent using Tapatalk
My DD and I will be flying from Europe to USA just a few days after her 1st birthday. She crawls but doesn't walk yet. Last time we went to the US, she didn't sleep on the flights to or fro. I need some ideas for keeping her entertained this time! And, any other helpful hints for a smooth flight with an almost-toddler? sent using Tapatalk
hi OP, How's it going after another couple of weeks of de-latching? I'm dealing with the same with my 11.5-month-old. sent using Tapatalk
My recommendation is similar to Pepin's: find your daughter a holistic healthcare expert. I personally recommend an Ayurvedic physician. Ayurveda had thousands of years of track record behind it and can work hand-in-hand with Western medicine. It is very individualized, holistic (whole body, whole lifestyle, not just symptoms), and finds root causes, in a different context than western medicine. I can recommend two pediatric Ayurvedic physicians if you PM me, both of whom...
thanks for taking time to offer suggestions! I'll try the pillow, i think... sent using Tapatalk
Over the past month or two, dd has begun turning around (like a helicopter) in our large bed. Often she ends up with her feet in my ribs...kicking at me. The first time it was funny, bit only the first time! What has worked for you in this situation? Is there a way to keep her more parallel to me? We have a queen-size bed, and it's usually just me and her in it. Her daddy has his own bed in another room! sent using Tapatalk
I was on hands and knees for most of my labor then flipped onto my back during push time. Laying on my back helped (vaguely) with my back labor. I was surprised that was the position my body led me to!
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