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I just wanted tho share my experience, because I, (like many of you, probably) assume that when we go in to see a doctor, they will be pro-vax and slam us for our choice to not vaccinate.  Well, today I took my son in to a random doctor (I'm visiting relatives in another town) for a minor check up (as last week he had spots that I'd hoped were chicken pox but were probably not.)    Before I'd said a word about the matter, she said , "I'm not sure what your position...
ok, i know this an old post, but did you ever find out for sure what it was?  I'm having the same question about my little one now!  CP or HFMD--i just posted a new thread on it.
Help! I'm going nuts, I've been reading so much online and still can't seem to decide what my 21 month old son has. Photos seem so similar for both also. (Docs are closed today and I've read many accounts of docs not necessarily being able to tell difference either). Anyone else had any of these conflicting symptoms in their kids?   Quick background: Pretty sure he caught it from his cousin (who, incidentally, got CP 10 days after getting vaxed for it -no comment on...
Hi, just curious about your comment.  I use my ergo for my 19 month old and it's awesome for all-day hikes.  Have you had an Ergo?  At what age/weight did it become uncomfortable?  The Kinderpack looks like the same concept, it is just that it's roomier in the toddler size, or are there more differences?
I'm very interested to learn more about this, can you tell me  where you got the info?  cheers.
Right on, thanks for the thumbs up!   It's all coming together...Sounds like that will be our spot!  Whuhoo!!  :)
Hi, thanks for the reply!  hmm, first time I've heard of Fingal, will have to check it out!  Have you spent time there?   What's it like?  The place we're leaning towards is Byron Bay or more likely hinterland nearby.  Seems like there are lots of like-minded folks there, as well as lots of activities for me and babe.  I don't know, though, having never been there.  It sounds like it could get a bit busy, but seems like a lot of organic, alternative things go on there ? ...
Enrooted, wonderful post, thanks so much.  Makes me feel good, too, because that all echoes my own parenting intuition and style.  The routine part of Waldorf was the one thing that surprised me.  I thought more variety would have been more desirable.  But it makes life easier to have a "rhythm", definitely.  And the open-ended toy concept is a great thing to keep in mind, for sure. 
Did he say which ones he thinks are dumb?
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