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Excellent tool - definitely gives me a perspective on what my child's strengths & interests are.  
Hi Aufilia, Thanks for that link. I've joined the group. My DS will be in elementary next school year. And we most likely will be in Issaquah by that time. But one of the top questions I have right now is - will private school be a better option? I prefer to public school him for various reasons (financial & others..). But since most school districts here dont start gifted programs until 2nd grade, I wonder if he'll struggle until then? His teachers suggest he may -...
Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I have checked those websites meetup & hoagies. They have good reference materials & articles. But there are no meetups. I'd love to meet with other parents who have gifted children and hear their experiences.   If you know of any, pls do pass it on.   I found a workshop in Seattle, WA - it is on a weeknight and it may not be possible for me to attend. But I am hoping I'll come across more such options and/or parent...
Hello all, I am looking for an active parent forum to talk about gifted children in the area. Do you know of any such parent groups, meet-ups or workshops? I've searched online, and have found only limited resources.   I am particularly interested in learning about the schooling options in the Bellevue, Redmond and Issaquah areas for gifted kids.   Thanks! SKE
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