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I've had two hospital births and two home births. Our 4th was born in a hospital about a 1 1/2 years ago. To prepare, I created a specific birth plan with my husband and we brought it with us when our midwife took us on a tour of the hospital. Our baby was two weeks past her due date, so there was a lot of monitoring going on. We waited until she was ready, and of course I believe that made all the difference. I had prodromal labor on and off for 4 weeks, so I was tired...
This year our family is going to celebrate Valentines Day at home. We are going to play restaurant. We've got three boys. One will be the sous chef, one will be the waiter, and one will be the bus boy. We have done this before and its such a nice treat for my husband and I. The kids love to make menus and set the table, too. It's a lot of cheap fun. I'm also planning to get a box for them to put Valentines in to share with everybody. I thought that would be a fun extra.
Cute! And your dd looks really happy to have it!  
Awesome idea!  
I took old receiving blankets and turned them into reversible baby smock bibs for my 1 year old. I am no expert sewer, so I was really happy with the result!  
In our case our oldest son developed a severe multifocal tic disorder at age 3. He was very hyper, sleepless, and had begun to have behavioral issues. We learned through various testing that he was undiagnosed celiac and allergic to 17 foods and chemicals. We did a very drastic and careful diet that not only avoided his allergens, but were produced in dedicated allergy free facilities. There is this thing called 'cross contamination' that beginners are not aware of. You...
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duplicate post (sorry)!
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