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annnndddd.... shared on facebook. Thanks!
I subscribed to the blog - I liked the college-oriented articles, as well as toddler...the handwriting blog reminded me of my leftie- so maybe more about being "unconventional" would be nice! Gifted kids, another good topic.
shared on facebook!
We live off the grid, live within very small means by spending less time on jobs and more time on creating wealth with our hands and hearts....grow our own food with the latest triumph being goat milk, yogurt and cheese made here at home from our goats. To be honest, the thing I'd like to scale down next is our internet use: have considered going back to dialup to make us stay away from the computer and internet. :)
I have an archive of mothering articles that I use for midwifery and childbirth classes... They are still the best wealth of information for parent starting their journey. <3
we live off-grid, grow our own food, built our own home from recycled materials and the resources already on our land. we grown our own organic food, cloth diaper, home school, breastfeed, and live as simply as possible. Ecology is our life, basically. I'm a midwife, and I believe it is even a more ecological way to birth! My kids, 17, 4 and 2 (especially the younger 2!) would love some new books! It would be good for them to know that what comes naturally to us is...
My tip is to not raise consumerist children. Avoid watching advertising that preys on children, avoid watching shows that exist to sell products (most kids shows). Heck, really we need to avoid screens altogether!!! My oldest has never made a Christmas List, never asked for a birthday present until he was a teenager, and then, very graciously and only with prompting. Keeping special occasions special by not succumbing to consumerist pressure has made our life magical....
This was also a revamped leopard costume from my teenager, from when he was about 6. My almost-3 wore it last year, We recycled a deteriorating auto seat cushion to make a tiger had and tiger mittens, and lined the hat with more of my organic cotton scraps from wedding shirt. She declared she was a tiger-leopard, and was overwhelmed with joy to see her painted face.
This costume is a favorite. I made it about 15 years ago for my now 17 year old son. It has been through a lot since then, the original hat was lost, so I fixed it up, made a new hat (and lined it with organic cotton from my wedding wrap shirt!) and my 2nd son got to wear it for his 1st Halloween, being so chubby, it fit him fine!
one more of my 19 mo old gnome....
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