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http://drdiane.net/ Diane Serex-Dougan is excellent. I know her professionally.
After a week in the hospital with people coming around day and night, I lost a lot of modesty. And it's definitely a lt easier now that my baby is 10 weeks and has better head control. I was concerned about my husband early on, because when I was pregnant I asked him his opinion of NIP and it made him uncomfortable. Not being around other moms, NIP, but the idea of me NIP around other men. He hadn't said anything one way or another until a few nights ago at a friend's...
My baby boy had his posterior tongue tie clipped at 4 weeks old after major latching problems, painful nipples, etc. It took literally 15 seconds and he was nursing 5 minutes later. It still took him a couple of weeks to get "good" at BF but now he's doing great. No anesthesia was required and there was only 1 drop of blood. He cried for just a couple minutes, stopped even before I got him on the breast. So glad I did it. Good luck.
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