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Your care providers put you in pelvic rest (no sex, no orgasms) right? I guess I just assumed that this is what all care providers do the first thing when a mom has some preterm labor concerns. If not, seriously put yourself on pelvic rest. There is a lot of research showing the connection between sex, seamen, orgasms and labor/ contractions.
I'm sorry you are going through this.  I was in school this semester as well and had to withdraw from all of my classes due to preterm labor concerns and bed rest.  I can empathize how hard it is to even imagine having to give classes up, but I can tell you that the impact of stress was clear once I did (it took me several weeks to actually do it after all my care providers recommended it, I hung on for dear life.  I'm a 4.0 gpa student, trying to get through nursing...
Oh Josie, I'm so sorry you are dealing with this. He is being emotionally abusive with those comments and you deserve to be treated better. You are most clearly not overweight, nor have you gained too much, but even if you were obese or overweight it is still vital that you gain and eat lots during pregnancy!! You're growing a baby!
I think that how you dress may have the biggest effect. I look really different depending on what I wear. I like to show it off as opposed to hiding it because with very loose clothing I can just look fat (especially in the first trimester!). It's all in the eye of the beholder, really.
Those are some intense statements there. I've never heard that child protective services gained any money by removing children from their homes, let alone that they are solely funded by it. Can you back that Information up? I would be really interested to read more about that, as well as these files they have on anyone who home births, non vaxes and homeschools. Also, is there an update on this situation? Did everything get resolved OP?
People are dumb when commenting about size of a pregnant lady.  People have told me from the beginning how huge I am.  I did start showing early, but huge, seriously?  I hadn't gained a pound and people were telling me I looked like I was six months along.  It's so silly.  It has nothing to do with actual size or weight gain, it's just perception.  Although, I did show early and I have continued to look "big" for my gestation, I measure perfectly.  Its just how I "look".
Yeah putting on socks is the worst. I'm out of breath by the time I get them on.  It's like wrestling.  Maybe I should have my kids or husband do it for me.
Some people just gain a lot though.  With my first pregnancy I gained well over 60 lbs. eating insanely healthy.  It was not just baby, I got chunky in my face, butt, legs and arms.  But I lost it all by 6 months without even trying.  It's just what my body needed.
Just this week my hips have started KILLING me!  Ack!  I'm 24w+4, I don't remember this happening last time until the third trimester, but I guess I'm getting close.  I'm on bed rest and I think the laying on my side so often is making it worse.  :(  Poor me!  I also woke up yesterday with a big milk splotch on my shirt!  And I've finally got that pregnancy hunger.  Oh man, I want to eat everything, all the time, ha!
I don't know why you would have the test if you haven't had any reason to suspect PTL.  If you did need the test and had recently had sex (or checked your own cervix) they would still perform it, most likely, it just wouldn't be the most ideal circumstances.
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