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The research seems to overwhelmingly show that spanking has negative outcomes, many of which are not evident until much later.  I have a Facebook site and website that has a lot of information on the research, if any mommies are interested!    
I think some of the ideas here are marvelous.  Personally, I get so tired myself at night that my patience is quite low.  My grand daughter lives with me, and sometimes what works best with her is if I tell her that I am tired and that I'm having a hard time being patient and that I need her to help me.  She is amazingly sympathetic to me, and I am surprised how well it can work.  Plus, it is true!  I am tired and having a hard time if she is driving me...
Spanking is clearly destructive, but most dangerous with toddlers and preschoolers.  The developing brain of a child is vulnerable and any form of violence increases risk of long-term problems. I wanted to share with you an incredibly important project for children and mothers. We are trying to produce a documentary to help start a meaningful dialogue about the negative effects of spanking and the common cultural acceptance of its practice.    Thank you! Robbyn Peters...
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