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Just wanted to share a list of the top Eco-friendly sales this Cyber Monday for those interested 
My favorite inexpensive & healthy meal is Turkey Vegetable Wraps. What you will need: (1) lb Ground Turkey or Chicken (we get cage free/hormone free/vegetarian diet fed) (1) 16 oz bag Frozen Organic Veggies (mix with corn, carrots, peas) (1) Box Cous Cous (plain or herb flavored) or 1 box Brown Rice & Quinoa Medley (1) Cup Organic Cheddar Cheese Organic Whole Wheat Tortillas 1.) Shred 1 cup cheese and put aside. 2.) Start cous cous or rice medley in saucepan...
Hi All- Just wanted to share my blog for those trying to be frugal but still maintain an organic & natural lifestyle. I post daily deals on organic items as well as offering my tips on how to save everyday, for example with grocery shopping. Check it out if interested & save some money hopefully. Link is on my profile page . Thanks :)
Hello! I am new to Mothering.com but love this site and all the resources it offers :) I am a mom to two amazing little girls, 7 and 5 months. I am committed to an all natural and organic lifestyle for myself and my children and always looking for ways to further accomplish this in a conventional world. Please check out my blog if you would like at http://www.peaceloveorganicmommy.blogspot.com in which I regularly post about all things organic and non-toxic! Thanks and...
My husband & I are in similar position somewhat as far as not having much money to put down on a home. There are now mortgages available through the USDA that offer zero downpayment mortgages. We just learned about these and are very excited to learn we may finally be able to purchase home. Check out their website here : http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/HAD-Direct_Housing_Loans.html
My husband and I as Where's Waldo & Waldette?
My daughter as Dorothy and our puppy as Toto from Wizard of Oz :)
Thanks mommariffic! I hope you found it helpful :)
Over $700 definitely seems like a lot for groceries each month, especially being meat free and having most of your own produce. We are also a family a four, shop at Whole Foods and spend around $480 a month, including meats and produce, and almost all organic foods. I use a lot of coupons and plan out my meals for the week ahead of time (so I can search for coupons before shopping). Try emailing organic companies for coupons or searching the web. Also store brand foods...
I agree with the previous posters about increasing beans and other sources of protein besides meat to cut costs. I have a some budget friendly meal ideas on my blog that my family including my little girl (7) loves (can be found on my profile) . Hope that helps! 
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