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I'm also in Sylvania, OH!  I'd love to get together with other Moms!  It's easy to get caught up in motherhood and forget that we need our time too.  Even with playdates it's nice because there is at least adult interaction!!  :-)    I'm also a new Postpartum Doula & Baby Night Nurse.  Come Spring I want to start holding monthly get togethers in the Toledo area for anyone that wants to come (not just the families I work with but anyone!).  I'll let you know if I do...
I didn't think it was harsh at all.  I find it informative and I appreciate the info you've posted! 
Hi,  I'm a new Postpartum Doula and Night Baby nurse in the Toledo area.  I'd love to connect a little, perhaps even refer new families to each other if one of us gets too busy.   
  Sorry, I guess it is the provider not the hospital.  Thanks for adding correct information! 
Most parents will tell you that the first few weeks after bringing home your new baby is anything but easy! Thankfully, being a parent doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own! I now offer Postpartum Doula and Baby Nurse services in and around the Toledo area! I have experience with newborns, infants, single births, twins, and triplets. I have a degree as well as additional coursework towards a second degree. In addition to my professional experience and...
MotherCat had some great advice!  I also want to add that I recommend Flower Hospital in Sylvania, OH.  You do everything in one room, the staff was very nice, and some (though not all) of their rooms do have tubs!  I know a lot of people prefer Flower over Toledo Hospital.   My own pregnancy was drug free but I did have an IV of fluids.  Honestly I'm not sure which hospitals require this and which don't.   <3 Happy Parenting! <3
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