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Hey all! I had my ultrasound and the tech said just one. My uterus is tilted which explains why I can palpate it earlier than you should and the extra hormones causing exaggerated symptoms? I have a "pregnancy cyst" (Sorry, I forgot the technical term) on each overy. They're very common during pregnancy and help with hormonal support for the baby throughout the pregnancy, but most women who get them only have one, I have one on each side. Lol! So thats my update! I'm...
Lol! Then you're a seasoned twin mom who has been through it all! I'm sure your advice is valued among the new moms of multiples on here.
Thanks for sharing everyone! I'll know on Tuesday. My apt is at 1:30 MST so I'll be sure to update you all as soon as I know.
Vocal minority... Thanks for sharing! It's crazy you mentioned your dream. The other night I had a dream... I was at my sonogram apt and as soon as the tech started the ultrasound BAM twins on the screen. Then it switched to me lying in my bed feeling my stomach and I felt something coming out between my legs. It was one of the babies and I started freaking out cause I knew it was too early but I reached down to touch and next thing I know a perfectly healthy baby was on...
Update when you find out the date! I will mark it on my calendar. Lol!
And congrats nd_deadhead on your twins!
I'm aware there is no supportive evidence that split eggs are genetic. Thanks I just have to question it when in 4 generations on my moms side (all descendants of my great grandma, who is an identical twin herself) there are 6 sets of twins 3 of which are identical, and 2 sets of triplets (1 set two eggs released and one of them split; 2nd set one egg split 3 times). All natural. Chance or not... They run in my family! Lol.
Thanks Mommyammons! I'll keep that in mind. No matter what happens I'll be happy to have a healthy baby. If there are two, great! If not, I won't be dissappointed. I am a little worried about fibroids or cysts. I can only wait and find out on Tuesday.
Thanks Martha! I cat wait to hear what your US results are. When is it?
I know Martha! I read your thread and am anxiously awaiting your results! Don't forget to update as soon as you know!
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