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I'm not sure if it's just because you can't read. Or if were from different countries and you just don't understand what I am saying. I am an extremely patient person but you are pushing my buttons. Unless your Mother Theresa don't point out what in YOUR OPINION I am doing wrong. It is very unbecoming of you and makes you look very weak and unprofessional to pass such harsh judgement on someone you don't know. I don't know if you have some issue in your past or some...
Thank you for you positive comment and thank you for not attacking me right off of the bat. Yes we have tried putting him on the toilet every 1/2 hour even the WONDERFUL teachers at his school are taking time to do the same.
Im looking for some helpful ideas. Dont for one second think that we havent already tried being nice. The timeouts dont happen all of the time it was just something new to try. Im sure your not a saint n this is my FIRST child so i am taking suggestions from everybody and trying everything I can. Im looking for some helpful advice not judgement. So if you have something constructive to say then please say it. If not the keep it to yourself. I am a single mother who is...
And the school is just fine. Their using their experience to work with me to try and find alternative ways to fix this problem. He was doing just fine and then he started pooping so we would try one punishment and then he would do good again. Now hes back to pooping.
We don't know why he's doing it. Like I said he does fine everywhere but school.
I have a 4 year old boy that will not stop pooping his pants when he is in pre-k. He has no issues any where else, it's only in school. We have tried everything from taking his favorite toys away, to time outs, to calm talks. School has even joined in with us to try and beat this problem. They have tried "scare tactics" by telling him that if he doesn't stop then they can't let him come to school. They have sat down and had talks with him about the importance of using...
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