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I have not been so lucky at finding this kind of thing in my local shops.  Really could use these products about now.  We are going on our 4th cold in two months.  My 3 year old and 9 month old are miserable!
  Well, I had some 'screaming' pain, I didn't literally scream because I am not a screamer, but I did cry almost every time and my toes would curl.  Every time my son latched between 2 and 4 weeks it was like a spear from my nipple through my body out my back! It lasted about 10-15 seconds every time.  I saw a Lactation Consultant... there were no issues with latch or transfer, no mastitis, nothing.  We have since gotten over it. He is 9 months old now.   But the advise I...
I don't like the labels when it comes to parenting styles.  Everyone has different opinions.  The hard part as a mother, when talking to other mothers, is understanding that everyone has a different way or 'technique' when it comes to their own children.  As long as the child isn't in immediate danger, then we should let other parents do what they are doing.  If they ask for advice, we can talk about our different way and say why we think it is 'right'. A lot of people...
Everyone has a choice whether or not to vaccinate.  The gov't should not be stepping in to make it mandatory for those who do not with to vaccinate.  On the other hand, choosing not to also means that you will probably have to home school, because most schools require most vaccinations.  
Breastfeeding is an ever changing journey and to know what is normal in the first year as baby grows, becomes more efficient, your milk supply levels off, the distracted baby, teething, adjustment of latch when top teeth come in, ect.  Baby continues to feed differently as they go through their first year.  
My son is almost 9 months, weighs the same.  I use a homemade moby style baby wrap.  I usually have him facing me. I haven't had issues with my back or shoulders while using it, but my hips do start to hurt after a while. I also have an infantino carrier (similar to bjorn) but I find that one has been really uncomfortable since he hit the 15 lb mark.  
New Posts  All Forums: