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We are in final negotiations with the City for a property at 2810 Shirley Ave (Baltimore-21215). This site is just north of the MD zoo and is next to a large green space and Gwynns Run stream. The school was started by a group of parents interested in progressive and arts based education, who were frustrated by the lack of choices for our children.
Hello all   I'm writing as a parent/teacher founder to tell everyone about Creative City Public Charter School. We will be opening grades K-2 next fall, but enrolling now.   Our elementary school, where teachers, students and parents will share governance and cooperate on curriculum and community decisions, will build on the inquisitive nature of children to drive the project-based arts-integrated curriculum, developing self-directed critical...
I have hear Dr. Mary Fishburn's (Towson) name in connection with treating adrenal fatigue. But she doesn't take insurance- you will have to submit on your own.  
You may be right, at the conference, I had with the principal, she said that the first six weeks were teaching routines and behaviors primarily. However, when I raised my concern in the summer, she had said don't worry, there will be differentiated groups at the beginning of the year, and here we are in November, and it still has not happened. I had to flap my wings a bit, and now they have an enrichment specialist who is supposed to start working with his teacher. I am...
Thanks- I am new to using online forums,including Mothering.  I will look for tribe and other forums. No behavioral issues, just him complaining that they are teaching him what he already knows- which they are!  
Hi-   I am struggling with my son's current school (can't wait for his new one to open next year!). I am very frustrated with the attitude and lack of concern I am feeling from administration about my son who reads above the second grade level in Kindergarten. He complains that they are teaching him what he already knows. I met with the AP and three specialists today, who say they will SST him. This is after promises of differentiation galore, since the beginning of...
Hi Hetherdeg- thanks for the great leads. When I posted the question, I was freaked out (since I did not have the opportunity to talk to the docotr myself. I went with my gut feeling- did not give the albuteral, but instead gave him lots of acidophilus and regular doses of sambucal. He has been cough free for several days and in good health. I hope we do not see a repeat of this type of infection this year. Thanks to everyone for your comments!
Hi Mary-Evelyn- excellent advice on all fronts- I needed to hear it too! As teachers we are "on" all of the time, and then we are "on" again at home taking care of our families...we have to intentionally work to create the balance of non-doing with doing...so hard to do in today's world...C  
Thanks for your feedback. It is helpful to know that this is a common practice.  
Thanks, good questions. I will ask on Monday.  
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