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Just wanted to have an official post up advocating for Alice Peck Day Hospital in Lebanon, NH. I had a VBAC there in 2008 and the midwives were fabulous.  Felt a lot more open-minded than what I heard about Dartmouth Hitchcock (DHMC).
I was wondering about melatonin, did you get that cleared with a doctor or naturopathic physician? I keep meaning to ask around about that.
That is good to hear, thank you. I did not have this discharge with my 2 children, so it's making me nervous, along with the 'heavy' sensation in my lower abdomen. But at any rate, the CM has stopped for now.
So good to read everyone's stories. I'm feeling low today mainly bc I had some light brown CM yesterday and today. I'm really afraid this is going to end in another miscarriage, and it's the same timing as my last one in November right around 5 weeks. Feeling a little heaviness in my uterus/lower abdomen too. Can I swear on here cuz I want to day FUUUUuuuuu......!!!!!! I'm already on progesterone since TTC so that won't help. Otherwise I was feeling good, productive and...
Re: elderberry, I asked a few midwives before recommending it to friends, they said it was fine, woohoo!
Thought it might be nice to have a separate thread for daily checking in. Just to say hey, what's up everybody, here's how I'm feeling, how about you..... I'm feeling pooped today, cranky. But most of the time I don't feel pregnant at all. Occasional waves of nausea, blood sugar a little more tricky to keep on even keel, occasional breast tenderness. I guess it's hormone surges or something. OH and I have trouble sucking in my tummy and not looking 5 months pregnant...
Oh and there is another study about probiotics in pregnancy reducing rates of eczema (and allergies, asthma) in the babies. This was in cases where the mom or dad had a history of eczema, allergies or asthma.
You can ask your doc to test vitamin D levels. Ideally should be around 50 or 60, but certainly no lower than 30. I think there was a recent study of supplementing vitamin d 4000 IU per day in pregnancy and offspring had lower rates of asthma. IIRC, the benefits were especially noticeable if the mothers had asthma. Some other time I'll try to post the study if ur curious. Of course do ur own due diligence and check with ur midwife, ob, or naturopath.
Peppermint is fine. So is elderberry syrup, like Sambucol. Zinc and vitamin C. Plenty of water. Rest is really the best cure. I save Tylenol for when I'm really desperate. Hope u feel better!
Since Orshi brought it up in the Welcome thread, I thought it might be good for those of us who've had miscarriages to have a separate thread. I only have a quick second, but here's the info I have about what to think about to prevent miscarriages: 1. sometimes there's absolutely nothing to do for prevention, it was just a random loss that won't happen again. 2. if a woman has a history of repeat miscarriages, and/or family history of female relatives with...
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