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I tripped while carrying my son up the steps in our building today and he got a very strong hard knock on his forehead, just above his eye.  He now has a very swollen, scary looking protrusion and has also had bad diarrhea since then.  Is that a reason for concern?   Thank you!
and I don't remember if he washed his hands before eating!  Do I have anything to worry about?  I've heard about meningitis and other diseases from touching them!  Anybody know about this stuff?   Thanks!
Thanks for the suggestions.  I know the kids don't wash their hands because the provider told me that herself when I asked- she said it's just too difficult because there are so many children.  She wasn't even apologetic in any way...definitely strange but I'm trying to figure out how I would approach the topic if I would want to make it work for my son there.     Also- any suggestions as to what to say to my son if/when he asks why he's not going to daycare?  I'm...
I know that I made the right decision but I'm still feeling bad for my son and trying to figure out what is the best next step.  I want to see if I can manage with him at home for a while (I only work 2 hrs per day) but I also know that he needs and loves the social interaction.  He is 2.5yrs and I can send him to another daycare but the only option I know of now is a place where I've been told the children 'don't wash their hands after the toilet' and I don't know how...
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