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Since she mentioned Carle Hospital, I'm pretty sure she's near Champaign-Urbana.
Try the Central Illinois Babywearing group on Yahoo. They're mostly based in Springfield.
I delivered with the CNMs at Carle, and while I didn't use a doula myself, I know the midwives were big fans of Sue Osborne.
I don't know anything about the All Kids program, so I'm not sure how helpful my information will be. We see Dr. Costerisan in Mt. Zion. He mostly does family practice, but he's also an OB. He's respectful of selective and delayed vaxing, very pro-breastfeeding, and has a reputation among my LLL of being good for natural birth. For a dentist, we see Dr. Cole in Mt. Zion. My children's vax status has never even come up there, but he's been great so far with my...
I'm southeast of Decatur.
And I think these people can arrange a tour of an Amish farm, although I'm not sure what they charge.
I couldn't tell you about anywhere that will let the kids actually work--you'd have to ask the farmers--but I can think of several places that give tours. Triple S Farms, rural Neoga. They're certified organic, and Stan is just the best. Very, very cool farm. Okaw Valley Orchard, rural Sullivan. They have a giant play area, and I know they give tours to school field trips. Some other places off the top of my head you might try: Buxton's Garden Farm, rural...
Thanks for the information. That kinda messes things up, because we were leaning towards June 1-3. How much of a difference in crowds do you think we'd see at places like the zoo, Magic House, and Grant's Farm?
My family is wanting to take a small vacation to St. Louis, and we'd really like to do it before the schools let out for the summer, to keep the crowds to a minimum. I saw on the school district's webpage that the last schedule day was supposed to be June 3, but it didn't say whether they needed to make up any snow days, and no one answered the Public Information line when I called. Does anyone know whether the last day is still June 3 or if it's been moved later? TIA!
Hi, all. I'm not on MDC much these days, but I had to pop in and say hi to my food-growing peeps. I'm trying really, really hard to not bite off more than I can chew this year. I know so many people with big gardens and orchards that I should be able to get as much produce as I want, so I'm just planting stuff that I seem to be the only person who grows it:hot peppers--habanero, jalapeno, Long Thin Red Chile, Fish, Tobasco, & Pasilla Bajio tomatillos popcorn salad...
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