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Quote: Originally Posted by Ks Mama I Wanted to add that I breastfed DD until she was 3.75 yrs, still BFing DS, we wash hands, use a natural antibacterial handspray when out, drink lots of water, take vit. C, probiotics, and when we feel a cold coming on, I break out the echinacea, zinc, and garlic too. We eat vegetarian, and are otherwise healthy - but the cold season really seems to knock us down here. Am I missing something? This is...
Don't worry if your son doesn't understand for quite a while. Charitable giving is a pretty abstract concept for kids. In fact, I'd say my DD was 3.5 before she seemed to understand that we were making/buying gifts for other people and not just for her, and at 4.5, she still doesn't quite understand charitable giving. We just keep involving her in the planning/shopping/making/giving and giving basic explanations like, "We're buying jeans for a little boy who doesn't...
Agreeing with others--check the restrictions. For some restaurants, they are smokin' deals, and for others, they aren't very useful. There aren't any participating restaurants where we live, but it was great for our vacation to Las Vegas.
For my 4 year-old, I'm sewing a monster doll (Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba) and making her a felt story board box. For the baby, I'm sewing some small Taggie toys and stuffed fruit.
Quote: Originally Posted by the_lissa This season is the worst for annoying couples. The frat boys, the divorcees, terrence and Sarah, Ken and Tina, etc. All of them are horrible. Nick and Starr and Toni and Dallas are okay, but not particularly likable. I agree.
I've been surprised by how much I'm enjoying this show. Does anyone know how it's doing with ratings?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jessie D But when shipping is as much as the item, it's no longer a $5 gift. I whole heartedly agree with gifts from Etsy, but suggestions of $5 gifts with $5 shipping doesn't really help if you only want to spend $5. True, good point. I was thinking the OP needed several $5 presents and could make bulk purchases that would spread the shipping cost over several items.
I want to believe that I would press charges and work to clear my name. But when I look at the people I love most--my children, my DH, my brothers--I don't know that I would be strong enough do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by boatbaby how about these awesome hand made, toy wooden cannons? I got a pair for my son and they are so sweet! If you sniff around etsy you can find stuff. It is unreal how much nice stuff you can find for $5 on etsy! And the money is going to small, artisan businesses.
Last week, we had several days with highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s. We turned the furnace on one morning, and it only ran a couple times before the sun really warmed things up. However, we have lit a fire in the fireplace several times!
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