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Yesterday, it was $2.12 in rural central Illinois.
I like making truffles for the holidays and a lot of candy can be crushed to make a coating for the outside of truffles. For example, if I use peppermint liquer in the truffle, I'll roll it in crushed peppermint candies, or rum balls would be good rolled in crushed Butterfingers. Quote: Originally Posted by Mallori I pull some out that isn't marked with Halloween decals, freeze it in a ziploc and then put it in their Christmas stockings. It's only 2...
Yay, I'm so glad it's back!!
I was unable to find a job in my field after college, so we decided to start on a family instead. At that point, we didn't think it made sense for me to continue looking for a job that I would just quit in a few months when the baby was born, so I stopped looking. Before people knew I was pregnant, I would get the occasional "Are you still looking for a job?" question, but once we announced the pregnancy, nobody said a word.
DH is a corporate accountant, but it helps that we live in a low COL area and have a network of family nearby. If we moved to Chicago, I'm not sure we could make it on one income.
Glad to hear they'll be back! I love seeing everyone's moods!
I love this feature. : Quote: Originally Posted by lightheart I wonder what it shows when I open 3 or 4 or .... posts in different windows then get offline to read because our internet comes through our phone and I'm expecting a call... does it show me viewing 6 threads or just the last one I clicked on? It will show your most recent activity, so it would be the last one you clicked on.
Ok, I totally got sucked in by the title. Off to the HH forum now--I've been looking forward to it!
I'm good in the kitchen and garden. From the garden, I could offer saved seeds, seedlings that I started, or the end-result harvested produce. I could also teach people how to garden and landscape. From the kitchen, I could offer a lot of preserved food(canned, dehydrated, candied, frozen, etc.) and cooked meals, and I'm pretty good at teaching people how to do these things themselves. Oh, I also do some wild foraging, and I could offer some of my harvests. DH can...
Right now, we're spending a lot of money on "quick meals"--prepared stuff from the deli, frozen dinners, ready-to-eat chopped vegetables, break-apart cookie dough. I just find it too difficult to cook from scratch with a baby--I end up with both children crying at me before I'm even halfway finished--so we're paying for convenience at the moment. I just keep telling myself that it's temporary and that I'll slowly return to my old cooking habits.
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