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We cross posted Prescott. More power to ya on two at once!
I don't wish two babies on you at the same time. Props to all the mommas of twins and apodpt/birthed "twins". Two puppies is crazy enough. Adoption is great but can be really hard. I have a SMC cousin who adopted internationally. They put her through a lot. Even a whole line of questioning "why didn't you adopt when you were maried? " They're getting along great now. I wish I felt like I could adopt. It's awesome. I had a momma friend tell me about her baby fever. She...
I was proud of her. Heliotrope
CrunchyMy niece recently announced her vegetarianism after seeing her dad eat frog legs.Blind
TThanks for the perspective. I don't normally think progressive of this place. This is small town Midwest. Lol. Just a few kindred spirits 'round here.
I hear ya sister!
Yeah. I wish I would have asked for more help earlier. Now the resentment to my partner has built quite high and he's not a tiny baby anymore.
Thanks for the story. Yeah I know I'm treading on murky water. I've been down this road before. I've considered SMC since my first was 2 or so. He's 6.5 now. I wanted to plan baby around seasonal business. Every time that window came up I had a boyfriend that "I wanted to see where it would go first". They all fizzled. Then I had a casual boyfriend and then surprise #2. I want a couple of years before 2&3 anyway so I'm going to open up this part of me. When my window opens...
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