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Sigh. Well, I'm done with charm at least. It's been a platonic relationship since well before the birth. Super distant jerk during pregnancy. Now he wants to be with me. "You want to be with me? Washing diapers is sexy. Change the baby before I ask you to. That's sexy. No? I guess you just don't turn me on." I do have a friend that is considering moving close by if X doesn't rent said house!!! I also gave out my number today to a guy that knows my SMC desires. ;-)
Congratulations on feeling free How's the co-parenting going? [/quote] Sigh. Not terrible. Child support has been consistent. The other help not so much. Seems like every time I put some distance between SO and me Then he tries harder. He never knows what he has till it's gone. At this rate when l marry another he'll be the perfect partner. Lots of talk about lifestyle changes, little action. He has an expensive car he can't seem to part with and not much extra money....
Brings a whole new level to "want fries with that?"
We've taken up Slacklining. We met some folks at the park with a set up. We got to try it there. DS (6) was dancing on it in no time. We did a bit of research then rigged up our own. We've been working on sign language with some fun videos. Gearing up for communication with 11 month old. We made this awesome upcycled door mat out of some yard trash previous dog chewed up. DS(6) did his first miter box sawing ever on a garden hose. Tree climbing. Check Library books....
I've got some ideas reader. I'll have to find my interviews but what comes to mind is what level of involvement is he looking for? What about his family members? How will they see it? The one question that seemed the most innocent but felt the most telling is why do you want to do this. One friend answered in a medical way well if I could donate blood etc to help a friend I would. This wasn't different for him. Another friend answered to have more happy kids in the world....
I feel free! I told XDP that I'm moving on. We're not married and haven't been a "couple" for quite awhile now. I haven't wanted to date so we were on a wait and see and let's work on co-parenting thing. We finally started counseling a couple months ago, after I begged for it while pregnant. I also wanted to co-habitate. Thankfully that never happened. So not much has changed except I could date and I don't have to consider him for another child. Anyone I might "date"...
My little explorer. Checking out everything.
Hi Holly and Custer cuties.
Wowsers baby smurf.
Definitely nurse him more for more supply. But don't feel like you have to provide all of his calories by nursing at 10 months.
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