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Is LO eating any solids? Have you seen a lactation consultant? Pediatrician? Ours is saying when that demand goes up way high it's time for some table help. Good luck.
Sorry Prescottchels. Hope that gets cleared up real soon.
I've been struggling with wanting a BFF lately too. The friends I feel closest with live farthest away. I don't live with anyone but my kids either. Lonely.
Metal cans for feed
Beautiful story and beautiful baby.
I'm a frequent visitor to bloomington. I have 2 boys. A 6 yo. And almost 1yo. His dad lives in btown. We frequent a homeschool group there, LEARN. I'm definitely in search of tribe. Pm me please.
Fingers crossed.
They both have my last name. Neither partner was that great in pregnancy and I especially wanted 2 to have same last name as 1.
Congrats on the boy Emma!
New Posts  All Forums: