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Any one else? Pee diapers getting much stronger in odor. Why? We're doing a bit of solids.
Cool. Sounds better than the games my boyfriend plays. ;-)
Could someone give me a quick description of minecraft? My DS was exposed to it over the holidays.
I'm so glad it's over. As always really stressful to get ready for. Not so bad during event.
Update: boobs much better ;-), breast feeding relationship much better ;-), boyfriend about the same:-/. At least Xmas is over! Today is my birthday. DS1 is sick so lunch out today postponed so we get to play with toys!
Hi welcome Irex99. Anonymous donor makes a lot of sense to me. It would have to be just the right situation for a known donor. The reason I'm most interested in a known donor is that I already have children that know their father. The donor I would use already has children as well so he knows what he is getting into emotionally as well. Anyway welcome if you have any questions to work through this is a great place to do it.
Welcome Charles. Congrats momma.
What a doll sgnorton. Congrats.
Just watched the video. That was incredible.
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