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Not a food quandary but a life quandary. Maybe this should be in country living but I'm calling out to my vegetarian kindred spirits. Are you a vegetarian that has killed animals? I've set mouse traps before. I've set live traps that weren't well tended to, sorry 'possum. Didn't know that one was still open. Now I've gone another level. I have shot an animal that was in a live trap. I had a turkey, rabbit, and chicken that were attacked/dead within a few days. Another...
Go for it! Is my initial thought. Will you be working in the same room as little guy? Would you miss the one on one with him? These could be the cons to me. You could do it for awhile and catch up/save up, take a year with him before sending him to school (if school is the plan). Then back to career path if that's your schooling or work.
Made it!
Quest went right up these stairs into a play tractor. I wanted to help him go down backwards but he only wanted to go up, up, up. I can't blame him.
Hi there, Checking in. So first off tell me gender! I didn't find out with mine. At least I can know yours. Oh my gosh if it wasn't crazy enough with a way too mobile baby we went and got puppies! Yikes! So baby is now crawling room to room and up steps. I just picked up my old pack and play which I barely used with my first. Good for puppy play while it's still cold? No I don't miss being pregnant though I mostly enjoyed it. I feel it's strange how suddenly pregnancy...
Some states won't change custody in favor of anyone with back child support.
Well as for the new girls, we've had them about 6 hours. They're border collies. We have been bouncing up and down and shouting "puppies" every few minutes or so. They are sooo stinking cute and wiggly. Their markings are like mirror images, especially in the face. We got the alpha and a laid back one. So sweet.
Yay, yay, yay, girlspn!!! That's great news prescott! I'm here loving on my 9 month old. And just adopted 2 month old girl..twins. Okay well so they're puppies. But the farm really needed them. Been having raccoon attacks. I can't believe I was dogless so long.
My feet stopped growing at about that age as well.
I feel ya there. I know it wasn't a milk maker that coined that stupid phrase.
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