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Update! After my water breaking at 1am, I had nothing until 10pm, when I nursed my toddler to sleep. Contractions came hard and fast and I had my baby at home, in the water, at 1:45am. . All is well!
Thanks ladies! That makes me feel better coffee! My midwife hasn't mentioned a time frame, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable going too far past 18 hours....so 7am tomorrow morning. I have a little guy I'm going to nurse to bed tonight, so hopefully that helps!
Hey ladies.....water broke at 1am this morning, it's now 6:45pm and nothing, just a lot of fluid leakage. I'm planning a home birth and curious, how long would you all wait without amy signs of contractions before being induced at the hospital? Trying all sorts of tricks to get labor started, but welcome more!
I'm 38+3 and my nausea is awful too! No other signs of anything though, other than the random cramp.
Me at 33 weeks over the 4th of July. Looking good ladies!
Thanks for making me feel better....it's just way more than my last pregnancy! Seems like I'm spitting out pure blood, but I could just be being dramatic!
Hey ladies! My gums have started bleeding an abnormally large amount, I think, specifically in 2 areas. As in, they bleed randomly when I'm not brushing my teeth and so much that I have to spit out blood. Natural suggestions?! I'm having scary dreams my teeth are going to fall out!
Girl here too!
Lululemon! Or Lucy, those are the two I live in and have outlast any cheapos. They are a great fit too....super flattering.
Post treadmill run....14 weeks tomorrow! Can't wait for it to get warm out so I can get my runs done outside!
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