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The answers that responded directly to my question were very helpful, thank you. I should have said so before. 
Thanks, but you can preach it elsewhere. I have 22 years of experience wrt appropriate food for my children. Not one of them would nurse that often by 4-6 months of age. Even the ones who ate far less table food. They simply aren't interested in nursing that frequently and it is utterly assinine to try to force the issue with an otherwise happy and occupied baby. My question was regarding yogurt. Yogurt that is full of protein and helpful gut flora. I am not interested in...
It is fun to see them gain levels of independence, isn't it! :) We started letting our youngest self feed and try solids at 4 months (no history of any food allergies on either side) and by 6 months, she was raring to try a small amount of (pincer grasp) self feeding.  We have added organic rice meal crackers thins (little Yums) we found at Target. Also sweet potato pieces that are cut tiny and mushy enough.  Our dd loves it, and between her being fed meals, these really...
Dd has been eating solids since 4 months (now 7 1/2 months). We also allow sensibly soft table foods such as sweet potato and avocado and simple white fish.  I can't recall if there is a specific recommended age for yogurt. I would add it into her breakfast routine.  She LOVES food, and self feeds whenever reasonable. Still bfing 3-4 times a day. 
Yesterday, on Christmas morning, I started bleeding. Today, there is more, plus cervical pain and cramping.  I have never had a loss before this, and DP and I are so sorry to say goodbye to this little one. It really is a terrible sadness, that I have oly experienced as a friend to others going through it. My own turn was apparently inevitable.  We wish you all wonderful pregnancies, and beautiful August babies. Wear a peridot for me, and this one that wasn't meant to...
Here we go. Starting at 6 weeks as usual. Bleggh. 
5th pregnancy here. I am definitely already showing a belly, in fact, DP noticed it before I tested last week! I guess my body is just going right into preggo mode. :)
Still nursing my 5 month old!  I have no idea what to expect over the coming months as how things will go. I don't want to wean her before a year (or at all, really, until she is ready) but I have read that sometimes they will strike in late pregnancy because the milk changes.  I have no clue if tandem nursing would work out either...
I'm 42. This is my 5th pregnancy, and the last one was just last year (before that it had been 10 years!). I had no complications, other than a bit of extra amniotic fluid in the last 9 weeks.   
My birthday is in August, and I have always felt that it MUST be the best month to be born. ;) My first was born September 7th, in VA. HOT. My last was born July 10th in ME. ALSO HOT.  I hate being hot, but as long as I can hide in AC, I can muddle through. :)
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