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No; not unreasonable at all. If you google "DIY placenta encapsulation" you can find a few guides on how to do it. This is one that I like: http://www.cafemom.com/journals/read/1577334/Placenta_Encapsulation_Instructions_w_Pictures   Whether it is worth saving the money is really up to you. A lot of postpartum doulas actually throw in the encapsulation service for free if you hire them postpartum.     You can buy encapsulation kits or dehydrators pretty cheap on...
Ultrasounds are inaccurate, and a big belly doesn't necessarily indicate a big baby. No one really knows how big a baby is until it is out.
I used Clary Sage essential oil on my feet when my labor was well established. DD was out within 20 minutes of application.
Something I found on a website:   "All hemorrhage mixtures should be made ahead of time. Prepare a hemorrhage extract from: 1 part yarrow flower extract (Achillea millefolium) 1 part shepherd's purse seed, leaf or flower extract (Capsella bursa-pastoris) Drink a half-teaspoon in warm water every half hour. Make an infusion using equal parts raspberry leaf and nettle: This can be drunk as a beverage. Make an extract blend using this recipe: 1 part...
 I know I am a little late on this thread but this sentence kind of bothered me. The FDA approves all sorts of products that aren't necessarily good for you: amalgam, certain food additives, livestock anti-biotics, etc.. The "FDA Approved" sticker really gives me no peace-of-mind.
For homebirth, the two practices below are the only in the area, I believe. http://www.riversidemidwifery.com/ http://www.sacredmidwifery.com/ Zaina from Sacred midwifery is such a sweetheart. If you want a midwife attended hospital birth, Shenandoah Community Health has a midwife practice.
I am trying to decide what organization I want to train with and possibly certify with. It is very important to me that I am not limited to doctor or midwife attended births. What organizations are supportive or indifferent to unassisted birth? If I can't find one, I will do the training and not certify.
I think you're right. I will update the thread after I have contacted them. =)
There are different kinds of test strips. I got the ones from the below listing. They test for Glucose, Protein, pH, Blood, and Ketone.   http://www.amazon.com/Test-Urine-Reagent-Strips-Scientific/dp/B0006U309C
My last pregnancy and unassisted birth have gotten me so excited! While I am not yet ready to have another of my own, I think it would be awesome to support other women through their journey, unassisted or otherwise. Does anyone know of a doula organization that is supportive or indifferent to UC? I am currently researching each organization to find out, but thought I would ask around to save some time. If I can't find one, I will just do the training and forgo the...
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