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Oh my goodness, what sweeties! I love this toothy phase, the smiles are slightly goofy & so endearing. I think Leora is teething again, her drool is picking up. No steps unless someone is holding her hands. If I'm on the floor she's pulling up on me though. Lots of head bopping to music & a new level of screech!
Congratulations, enjoy these sweet days!
We've always eaten every meal together. Before children it was Husband & I in front of the tv, but now we're 6 & squeezing out of the sides of our too small formal dining room. If another one comes along a new table situation or tv trays (do people still do that?) will have to be figured out. Husband only eats w/ us for supper, he's usually reading the news when we eat breakfast & working over lunch.
I can't say for sure in NJ, in NC my husband went to the county's Dept. of Health & asked for a birth certificate. They didn't ask to see me, much less proof of pregnancy or the baby herself. The lady just remarked to him that home births seemed to be getting more common. As to appointments, I just called to schedule a newborn/ well baby exam. It took them a week to see her which I thought odd but the doctor was very nice. I think she was glad to get a baby to look at for...
Congratulations, she's beautiful! How wonderful to be surrounded w/ so much love!
There is a midwife in Asheville who agreed to help me on an as-needed basis when/ if I needed her prenatal services. I went to her at 20 weeks so she could get a baseline on baby's growth & to check position closer to delivery. I told her up front that I planned to UC which I think she was concerned about but she only suggested some mutual friends to be in the next room. I liked her so much I was sorry to not be able to afford her. A record from her or another midwife...
I reckon all's well, thanks for asking. It was just a bad, bad day. I love little baby teeth, they're kind of goofy in a sweet way.   Kitteh, Amelia's adorable! I've not seen a bucket hat up close, I think I prefer it to the floppy ones. Too cute.
It's unorthodox, but I've always chewed the food for them first, then passed it on to them on a baby spoon, unless it's something like ground meat or rice. They manage that on their own. I hate dishes.
I like it! I had to break out my measuring tape to get a proper visual though. I don't know how tall you are, how you labor or when you get in the water, but will it be too high w/ the base?
W/ our 3rd baby I could not focus, having the children around. They'd been prepped before hand, (they were 2 & 4) & wanted me to read a story, come look at the picture they had made, make a snack, etc., so I called my SIL to be w/ them. For our 4th baby we packed them off to grandma's. It was our first UC & Husband wanted no distractions. Plus I like to be naked, & being naked is not a family event for us. And I did sound like a goat, lol.
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