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I don't know about allergies, but for many friends' babes, red cheeks are a teething symptom.  Hope its that and not allergies!
Love the baby yoga! L has been planking, and getting on all fours and rocking like crazy.  She can push backwards and spins herself around to change direction.  For one who is not "crawling" yet, she sure can get across a room quickly.  I'm going to have to get a baby gate, because she slid herself almost into the hallway near the stairs the other day! 
We've tried millet and sweet potatoes this week!  So far L has made some rather funny faces when she tries them, and probably hasn't swallowed more than a teaspoon of each.  She love to hold the spoon and lick it while we eat our meals, and that's good enough for now, I think.  Once she's swelling a bit more I think we'll try giving her some soft steamed finger foods. 
I have only put breast milk in it, and only when I have to be away from home (or the few times my husband or sister have practiced with her).  Hasn't affected nursing at all, since LO basically refuses to drink more than 1-2 ounces while I'm gone!
Amelia has so much hair!  I love it!
We've been using the Avent transitional bottle/sippy cup since around 3 months.  Since our LO wouldn't ever really take a bottle, this was a last ditch attempt.  She is getting better and better at it lately!
I've been thinking about this lately, since Baby L is our first and I just turned 34.  If we are going to have another I feel it should be sooner than later - but I'm definitely not ready yet.  My period hasn't come back, I want to keep breastfeeding for at least a year, and things are just so lovely with my sweet baby that I can't imagine changing anything about our life at the moment.    On the other hand, my cousin has daughters 13 months apart, and they are all happy...
Yup. I comb out my hair in the shower.  During pregnancy I'd lose 1-2 hairs.  Now I'm pulling out handfuls!
spotty, I did the same (kept temping throughout 1st tri) - partly out of disbelief and partly because I wanted to know if something was happening.  I don't think I was really convinced that we'd have a baby until the 2nd or 3rd time we heard the heartbeat at the MW and all was well.  And now she's here, and ever so lovely!  
I don't have anything to recommend, only hugs and healing to send out to you! 
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