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Oh my goodness...a bonnet! Trilly has the best headgear! Although Lydia is rocking that headband, too!
This is my first week back. Today I'm 8 weeks pp. I'm doing 1/2 days this week and next, and then full time after that. Right now the little critter is staying home with my DH in the mornings, and then I take over care for the afternoon and DH heads to the office. My first day was rough because my boss was a jerk, my parking pass had been canceled two months early, and I couldn't get the key to the nursing lounge to pump. I was also pretty overwhelmed by the amount if...
I've gotta learn some front carries....our boy also loves to look around. holly looks great!
Our chunker is 13 lbs at 7 weeks, up from 8.8 at birth. He's pretty hefty....so glad for the slings to help carry him around and position him for nursing. Here he is tucked in a ring sling. Im back to work tomorrow morning. Wish me luck, Mamas!
Here is our Pied Piper at 7 weeks today.
Forget DTD, I kinda have this aversion to being touched these days. Anyone else? I must come off as a royal b&%$# .... but I feel like the baby uses up all my energy for human contact. DH tries to simply put his arm around me while I'm nursing and I just can't help but snap.
I had heavy bleeding for 5+ weeks, and it's finally tapering now at 7 weeks pp after my midwives prescribed two rounds of an antihemmorhagic and had me really restrict my activity. They indicated that my level of bleeding (or even just frank bleeding) for that long wasn't normal, and they had me pretty freaked out about needing a D&C to remove placental fragments.... That said, I'm not entirely sure how valid their concerns were or what the normal range really is. I know...
I use a stroller in the garden, too.... It's shaded, I can drape a light blanket over it to keep bugs off, and it can be moved pretty easily from row to row.
We have friends who started EC early and have kept it up for 8 months at this point. They are brilliantly determined....but all I can say is that maybe we should have bought them a tarp as a baby shower present.... All joking aside, I have heard success stories.... but only anecdotally. Very curious to hear of other experiences!
Bumpkin, I can see that smile in Trilly's eyes. She's so pensive....an old soul! Ans GREAT CATCH with your camera, JNajla!
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