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Approaching 30 weeks. Went for a waddle this morning at the National Arboretum with Wilber the Beagle and DH. Cherry blossoms were blooming, birds were singing, sun was shining. GLORIOUS.     Now that the weather has changed, I'm down to maybe 3 tops that fit... and this top (which is one of them) is getting tight/short. Ruh-roh!!!
when it comes to my snacking, it try and find something that is protein dense so it will satisfy me and take the edge off my hunger. kale chips are super easy, yummy, and a great way to get your greens..... but they won't satisfy a hungry tummy....at least not mine. Greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, peanut butter on veggie sticks or apple slices.....these are some of my go-tos. I also keep sliced chicken breasts in the fridge and will have a portion of...
Love the dress, Shanna-cat! And nice bumptitude, CrystalMarie! Here i am at 29 weeks about to tromp off to a cold and muddy state park for work. Can't wait for the temps to even out a bit!
Alright! Just enough for my birth keychain!    Seriously, though. Psyched.
did you have a weight goal in mind? Unless you were underweight to begin with, I thnk you might be just fine. with about 10 weeks left, there is still opportunity to gain, too! But do check with your midwife if you have concerns!
yay! Kittehs on board! Now who else can we bully into participating?!
Hey folks! I'm gonna risk being annoying and boost this thread over the next few days! Please consider joining our bead swap. So far interest has been slim, and the deadline for "signing up" is MONDAY!  Contributions don't have to be fancy or matching. It's not meant to be complicated--- just meant to be a creative way to share the love/support!   I'm really interested to see what my beads will be like and how I can string them together! Would be FABULOUS to have...
Awesome! Better late than never! Welcome aboard, Mama!
I'm in! I'll pm you later today.
I've got it too. Last week i popped into a bagel shop for breakfast on the way to work. Once i got my order I walked back out to my car.....and then opened the passenger door and climbed in. I sat there for a good few moments before i realized no one else was gonna start the car and drive me.the rest of the way to the office...
New Posts  All Forums: