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I am just so amazed that everyone's pregnancy can be so different! And it's wonderful! And it also brings me some hope. ;) Not that I've had a bad pregnancy, but maybe next time will be different for me and I'll be out there running around!   Keep on trucking, Crystal Marie! I think all this running is going to make for a great labor for you!
From what I've heard, being 1 cm and 50% effaced at this stage in pregnancy is not indicative of impending labor .... but it is very good news, especially if you're a first time mom. It means that when you do go into labor, your baby won't be hitting against a truly green (hard/closed) cervix. As for the baby's head being low... I'm thinking it probably means that your midwife could either feel it through the cervix or vaginal wall? Also a good sign that baby is in a...
I think you should tell him about what's going on, and also tell him honestly how his comments/reactions have made you feel throughout this week. He might not realize how damaging his remarks and attitude have been. Maybe because you've had so many scares before he has "normalized" a lot of the things that can actually be pretty big red flags.    Your priority is your health and that of your baby's. If there is anything going on that you feel raises concern, I would...
Circle Vortex, I'm right there with you. I was also up last night with contractions, too. : /  I've had these rounds on and off for weeks, including one round that lasted 15 hours!  I'm trying not to get excited, because I know I could keep going like this for a while. It's quite frustrating. I also TOTALLY understand you on the "I always felt like a strong woman that can do anything, etc."  These contractions totally sideline me, I never expected them to be so...
Oh, Bumkin. What a great birth. And I LOVE her name! Rest well and enjoy your family time. :) 
Here we go, like dominoes! Who's next!?!? So excited for the new babies! Congrats to all! Excited for more pics and stories! But first rest up and enjoy your families.
JNajla, I have this image in my mind of your baby boy sitting in there like a stubborn but very Zen little Buddha. Maybe his position is indicative of his personality!
I don't ovulate reglary and my bbt can be all over the freaking place. if things were different and I was one of those gals who could chart everything like clockwork, maybe I'd feel more comofortable with nfp. although ive had a healthy pregnancy... and I've always wanted several kids..... i just can't imagine doing this again. maybe it is 3rd trimester tiredness talking, and maybe ill feel sifferently once I'm holding my bairn, but at this moment i just can't picture it!
No progression, although still crampy/contractiony throughout the night and presently. It was aggravating enough to prevent sleep, but I did get a few solid hours, and I'm still chugging (slowly) along and able to do stuff. I am trying to keep going with my normal routine, but cautiously.    Hubby and I ignored the clocks this morning and had coffee in bed while going over our checklists. I managed to drag myself to the office but have my birth bag in my car and a...
Super crampy. This could be labor. Or more of this prodromal crap. Either way, there will be Grandma Martha's brownies by dawn.
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