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What awesome bellies! Everyone! And Bumkins, the colors are so vibrant and spring/summery! Even if it is cold outside...   And Spotty, I think you've definitely dropped!  
OMG, Bumkin, I am so sorry you had to deal with that! Glad everything is ok, though!   Seriously rest now!  And no more hospital runs, right?! ; )
Big belly big belly big belly. Uh huh. Big belly. ;)     I was really upset after getting the first few proofs from my shoot -- I just thought they were terrible and I was afraid that THAT was what I really looked like my whole pregnancy... cross-eyed and exhausted! But I really love this one. I'm a much happier camper now. 
I might make my own. We have beeswax from our honeybees and coconut oil on hand. last ingredient (for most recipes) is shea butter. essential or infused oils are optional bonuses. The recipes I've seen so far call for 2 parts c.o., 2 parts shea buttrt, 1 part wax, melted, blended, and cooled. Anyone else made their own blend?
Hang in there mamas, and don't give in to any frantic nesting urges! Rest up! Even though ive had some intense prelabor for weeks now and baby has dropped, i could still hang around for weeks to come.....but so many of you are SERIOUSLY CLOSE! Woohoo.
Also, I dont know about you, but I go through spells where I don't sleep at night.....so instead of tossing and turning, I get up and tackle an easy, lower priority task. Like organizing a junk drawer, etc. After an hour is two I'm ready for deep sleep again! And a 'done' list is a great idea! Very positive and rewarding. It's too easy to create MASSIVE to do lists and then feel overwhelmed. Recognizing your accomplishments is important.
Is that it, shanna cat? I must have missed my window, then. Last week I modeled for a photographer who is doing a book project and so far the proofs ive seen make me want to cry---- I look absolutely exhausted....and not in that serene pregnant way. Everyone's photos look great--- not gonna lie, definitely envious. I havent seen all the pics yet, ao hopefully we got at least ONE good one.
I have the same insurance as Tenk and got the same setup... I recently switched to the federal policy, though. That said--  I was on BCBS of Maryland until recently, and it would have covered it, too!   I know Spotty4 got one, too... maybe she'll chime in with her details.   I don't know about being grandfathered in to old policies... but I would think most insurance companies, if they don't cover the cost of a new pump, would cover the rental of a good quality...
  Shanna-cat, that is terrifying but awesome!  I CANNOT imagine, especially as I continue to deal with this pre-labor fun. Amazing how different each experience can be.   And thanks everyone for the love. My midwives suggested a glass of wine here or there, or even a screw driver,  when things are really bad... and it certainly does work very well. The past two nights I've had some pretty good sleep, and my god... what a sweet salve that is!   Onwards with the gestating!
So cute about your DS trying to crawl under you! I know it must be frustrating, but it gives me a big smile imagining it.   I've been having serious "pre-labor." It's probably better known as "false labor" .... but that term makes me cringe because there's very little about these contractions that feels false.  The contractions are painful enough to where I can't make it to work or have to leave the office, or they keep me up at night. They start with a firey...
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