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First of all, I think it's a great name and if that's what you want, do it. (and I also think coo or coo-coo as nicknames are adorable.) But I agree with the previous poster (sorry, can't see your name while I'm in the typing mode) slammerkin about making sure you have the pronunciation correct. I am a Pogues fan; they are an Irish rock-punk band and they have a great song called The Sick Bed of Cuchullain. The way it is pronounced in the song is how the pp's husband...
i'm sorry, gogetumTiger, that you're getting too many reminders of  your "advanced maternal age," as they say. that sucks. i wondered what my OB (and her staff) was going to say about it, but so far nothing. but i've only had the first appt so far. perhaps she's waiting to get into the heavier stuff once she's sure my pregnancy is really a go. (see my prev post). but i was really happy not to get a lecture about the risks right off the bat.   anyway, 36 is certainly...
just jumping in to say: Carte, congrats on your upcoming wedding. how exciting. :) maybe you can carry a white satin barf bag down the aisle just in case.    p
hello. i am 40 (will be 41 in a month) and this is my first. :)   well, i hope it's my first, anyway. what i mean by that is i had my first prenatal appt last Wed and they didn't see anything on the (transvaginal) ultrasound. my husband and i were still too excited to really react negatively to that and my OB/GYN said, well, it's not quite visible yet (or something like that). my husband asked if this was normal and she said yes. and she really didn't look concerned...
Me, too. I am at the end of my eighth week and I feel exactly like everyone is describing: bloated. I still fit into everything but definitely by the end of the day my stomach is all puffed out.
Oops, jrsmom's appt is the day before mine--election day--so I jumped the gun a little on my congrats.
Congrats to Osuvet & jrsmom. My first appt is this Wednesday. I am very excited about it and really hope we see (and hear?) the heartbeat and see the little blob.
yes, i posted a dupe up there, too. can't figure out how to delete it. looks like i can't. 
yes, i am having my first ultrasound (and first appt) next Wednesday. Very excited and really hoping we can see the little whatsit and hear the heartbeat. I should be 9 weeks, 1 day by then so I feel positive. (though i know i am still in a miscarriage danger zone. )   p.s. there are so many smileys to choose from; it's overwhelming! ;)
that is really cute. :)
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