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I am located in Boston:)
Hi all,  I am due in Feb with baby number 2 and am a candidate for a VBAC.  I have a great husband, and family, and friends...but none of them are exactly what I feel I will need to get me through this birth.  My first birth was slightly traumatic and I had a less than great experience with my doula (who didn't show!) I would love to team up with someone...however, we are on VERY limited funds and I really can't justify the expense...so I am hoping maybe someone will...
Hi there...my current screen name is mama nesta but I have another account with the name mama.nesta . I have been a member for about two years now but when I recently tried to log in it was not accepting my password?  So I hit the "forgot password" button to have it sent to my email address...it never arrived.  I checked the spam folder and tried several times and it never arrived?  So after a few weeks of trying I finally opened another account...but now I have lost all...
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