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I'm 36, going to be 37 a week before the EDD. We'd both like a homebirth - DH's mothers were both midwives and I'm not a big fan of hospitals. We may end up using a birth center or hospital, though, depending on how much home birth would cost since our insurance doesn't cover it.
I'm a Children's Librarian (it's going to come in handy!) at a regional public library. My husband is an architect.
Oh, THIS I need.   Name: Jen Age: 36 Biggest source of stress today: It sounds so little in comparison, but I'm writing a grant for work and I've never done one before. A lot is riding on this (it's part of a larger Leadership Institute type thing) and it's been so difficult for me to concentrate. Usually I'm a good writer and researcher, but I can't seem to work on this for more than an hour before needing to rest or even take a nap. This is in addition to my...
EDD: June 22nd Your Age: 36 Your General Location: Berkeley, CA This babe will be child #?: 1 How long have you been TTC: not long Tell us a bit about your family (partner, other children, and/or pets): I'm married to a nerdy architect, and I'm a nerdy librarian, so we are expecting a football star baby. We've been together 6 years and married for one. Two cats, both acting like freakazoids right now - rain or pregnancy? Hard to tell. Anything else you'd like to...
June 22nd! Just saw baby for the first time, very excited! Can I use any more exclamation points? Maybe!   I'm someone who never thought they'd want children and did a 360 this summer. So I'm very happy but still so surprised that it actually worked. Science is amazing.
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