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Easton just started crawling on all 4s last week after pulling himself around, dragging his legs for weeks! His 2 top teeth are coming in now so he's drooling like crazy. He's been pointing at objects this week.
Spotty, this group has early movers and shakers. I have friends with babes around the same age who aren't yet crawling and are just sitting up unassisted. Around 9-12 months is normal for crawling.
Easton just cut his top teeth. He's waving bye bye, clapping hands, saying dada, and crawling. No pulling to stand yet.
I think that's why Easton isn't crawling on all fours or standing yet. He's 23 lbs too and a little belly heavy to support himself to stand. Here we are out in the snow with the all-terrain jogger stroller with snow tires. Lol
Because it elevates serum prolactin. Amenorrhea is a side effect of the med. Once Dom is discontinued snd prolactin goes back down, ovulation and periods will begin again.
We keep ours at 66 as well. It's been so very cold, the coldest winter I can ever remember, so the furnace runs constantly. Our most recent gas &electric bill was $250. I don't know how we're going to keep paying these huge utility bills, the cold just lingers with no end in sight... :/
Happy baby! Super cute
We're still scooting around here, no crawling or standing yet. But we're feeding ourselves some finger foods (baby biscuits)
Aww... our babies are growing up so fast!! I hope that everyone is taking lots of photos!
Since I'm on Domperidone, I haven't had a period in over 6 months. I suspect that aunt flow will come back with a vengeance once I wean off from it...
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