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I just pumped 30 ml of colostrum! I also was able to nurse him for about 10 min. He ended up getting very fussy and angry after 10 min- little face turned red and screams, so I stopped. But it's waaayyy more progress than we've had so far, so it gives me hope.
Thank you for your encouraging story, Tenk. I'm glad that you stuck to your guns (and heart) and pumped! It gives me hope. I've continued to pump and have finally produced some colostrum, about 2-4 ml from my right breast and a few drops from my left breast with each pumping. I then give it to baby in a syringe. I also try to nurse him every two hours, but he gets frustrated that he's not getting much and will fuss and cry (breaks my heart). I'm supplementing with...
Thank you for posting the link skyandlavender
Congrats easttowest and echoecho!
I've been using Mothers Lactation Tonic 4x a day since delivery (chaste tree berry, fenugreek seed, caraway seed, fennel seed, anise seed) and then started drinking Gaia Lactation Support tea this morning (fennel seed, goats rue, fenugreek, nettle leaf, lemon balm leaf, marshmallow root). I've had him skin to skin with me on my chest as much as possible. I'm not going to give up on nursing. His feeling sad and frustrated.
I delivered my baby boy on 6/21 at 10:57 am. So far, I'm not producing colostrum. We try nursing every 2 hours or by que. He gives up easily because I'm not providing him with anything (he has a very strong suck reflex with my pinky finger). As of 4 pm yesterday, he lost 7 oz and only 1 wet diaper since birth so I talked to lactation consultant who came up with a plan. We are to try nursing every 2-3 hours or by ques, then pump for 15 min, the supplement 10 ml formula...
I can't tell what hurts more, the c-section incision or my (still) achey hips... yeowch!
I can't tell what hurts more, the c-section incision or my (still) achey hips... yeowch!
Hang in there everyone! Enjoy your last days of pregnancy- they'll soon be over. (Even though the aches/ pains seem intolerable). Even though I'm holding my little one as I write this, I do miss carrying him in my belly...
I'm so in love!
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