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Easton says hi mamas!
Aww, she's a beauty!
I'm starting to crawl!
When I eat broccoli it ends up affecting Easton through my breast milk- he gets gassy. He eats apples, mangos, and bananas without issues.
Yup- He's got 2 bottom teeth!
I wish I was below my pp weight! Gah! I gained 55 lbs with my pregnancy and have only lost 15 of it. I feel VERY depressed about it. I too, have longed for another baby. At first I didn't think it would be a reality because we were already going broke paying for 1 in daycare. But now I'm working from home so we don't have that expense, but money is still really tight. We have such a tiny house, don't know if we have the room and can't afford a bigger house. I wish...
Easton loves the holidays!
My babe is immobile too. He sits up and rolls, but no crawling or standing yet at 6 months- I'm ok with that, still haven't baby proofed the house!!
I can't watch the video due to privacy restrictions
Easton turned 6 months on the 21st too
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