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I'm doing this from my phone so hopefully it posts right, but here's a video of my munchkin playing https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n4Z7G9qyQ3w&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dn4Z7G9qyQ3w
No kids in the car. I think you're overreacting, and I will continue to pump occasionally while driving if I need to. Apparently everyone on here is a model driver who doesn't listen to music, doesn't talk to the passenger, doesn't talk to your kids in the backseat, doesn't eat or drink in the car, or ever talk on your phone or look at it for that matter. And comparing having a pump strapped on to using a hairdryer while driving is just beyond ridiculous. Seriously. ...
What do the bottles being in front of me have to do with anything? How is that any worse than people who eat in their car, talk to the passenger, yell at their kids in the backseat or talking on the phone? Being able to pump during commutes helps to continue pumping. It takes me 30 min to pump since I'm an exclusive pumper. It's a major time saver for me.
I hook the pump on and hook it up before I even start my car and then I don't touch it again until I park my car at work. So I'm not multitasking. It's no different than having a phone headset attached to my head.
I wear a hands free bra and let it do it's thing while I'm driving, I'm not even paying attention to it. It takes me 30 min to pump because I'm an exclusive pumper, so no, I can't pump when I get to work. I'm training for a new job so it's only going to be for 2 more weeks anyway.
The only way I can pump is to wear two sports bras with slits cut over the nipples and then do "hands free" pumping while working on the computer. I pump while I'm driving to work. I pump 3 times per day, every 8 hours, and I'm able to pump about 20 oz per day. I then supplement about 15-18 oz per day. Since implementing bottles with nipples, my son won't nurse from me. With Domperidone 20 mg every 6 hours, I'm able to keep my supply up with pumping so infrequently. ...
Easton 5.5 months
Easton's first sippy cup!
Easton got his 2nd bottom tooth this week at 5.5 months. He wants VERY badly to drink out of a cup and use a spoon! He tries to grab glasses and cups out of our hands and opens his mouth and drools when we eat. I gave him a sippy cup and he tries to use it but ends up dropping it. I'm taking lots of photos but not many videos.
I WISH it was as simple as eating oatmeal! For me, nothing worked except Domperidone, and even then, I'm producing 20 ounces a day. I had a reduction about 13 years ago, so that's why it's hard for me. Even fenugreek doesn't do much.
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