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What a great article! Thanks for sharing
I'm sitting up! And got a tooth! All in the sam week! I'm growing up too fast...
Easton got a tooth!!! No wonder he was so crabby this weekend. My baby boy is growing up.
Easton isn't sitting up on his own yet, no crawling, just scooting on the floor- but he doesn't get too far!  lol
I had low supply and I'm taking Domperidone. It almost doubled my supply. I also take fenugreek and moringa.
I'm joining the YMCA soon so I can start working out again (they have daycare!) so I plan to take Easton swimming there too.
Tootsie time!
Aww, the jumperoo looks like fun!  Easton would love one of those.  Unfortunately we have a TINY house and barely have room in our living room for more baby gear :(
I couldn't imagine waiting until 9-12 months to feed Easton.  He's READY.  He's a big boy, just shy of 19 lbs and opens his mouth when he sees us eating and eats about 36 ounces a day.  We've pureed avocados and apples and have given him bites and he LOVES it.  He opens his mouth big and seems to enjoy himself.  It doesn't affect the amount of milk that he drinks, the solids are in addition to milk.  He's not sitting up alone yet, but almost, just needs some assistance...
Babies typically double birth weight by 6 months and triple by 12 months. And remember that the 50%tile is the average. Some babes will be chunkers and some leaner than others. As long as they are following a consistent healthy curve on the growth chart, that's ok!
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