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Easton went to his first Wisconsin Badgers game this weekend. He was such a good baby, smiling at people and happy. And mama had beers at the tailgate party!
Wow! What were some of your careers that you were making $100k+ per year? I think I picked the wrong profession... 10 years of college and still was making $75k a year... Guess that's what I get for sticking with non-profits! Lol
My baby is 4.5 months old and has been in daycare since 8 weeks. I just gave up my job which requires a masters degree (nurse practitioner in a public school) for a job that only requires a associates degree so that I could work 2 nights a week from home (phone triage) so I can be a quasi sahm. I'll still make decent pay, but I'm worried that I'll lose my assessment skills. My new job is the closest thing I'll ever have as a sahm. My husband just doesn't make enough...
[IMG] Baby Easton 4.5 months
Awww, Holly is a beauty!
He gets about 20 oz pumped breast milk and about 12-15 oz of Babys Only formula. I don't produce enough for him so we have to supplement.
My babe is 4.5 months and 18 lbs and 26.5" and he's at the 80%tile (according to the cdc chart). He's been blowing raspberries this week, almost obsessively. Still not crawling, but will do tummy time for a long time, like 20 min or so, and will rock back and forth, but no crawling. He discovered his feet this week too!
My hair loss has slowed a bit.  My hair is definitely still full, no bald spots thankfully.  Just more annoying that it is ending up EVERYWHERE (even the refrigerator!), in my son's diapers, stuck to surfaces.  It's getting gross.     On a positive note, I'm going to be starting a new job where I work 2 nights a week from home so I won't have to take my baby to daycare anymore!  I'll be a quasi stay-at-home mom!  I'll be tired those 2 days every 2 weeks where I'll have...
Don't feel bad Kitteh- I'm a photographer and I don't even have time to take photos of my own baby!  I keep promising that I will start taking more photos and I don't.....   
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