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Hugs!! So sorry this has happened. I hope your supply is plentiful and that you're finding strength daily to get through this.
Anyone else losing their hair?!? Ugghh!!
We definitely need to start baby proofing the house. Easton is our first baby and house is not baby safe yet- sharp corners on tables, cords, open stairways, etc. He's starting to roll constantly, soon he'll be crawling....
Cute!! Easton hasn't discovered his toes yet, still waiting
Easton turned 4 months on Monday. He's pushing up with his arms and holds his head high, but doesn't get up on his knees- he's too belly heavy. I'm ok with him not crawling yet- we haven't baby proofed the house yet!!
Things have been about the same... baby sleeps in crib from 830-1am (ish), then I take him out to the couch. It's an L shaped couch so I sleep on one side and he sleeps on the other, face to face. I pull the coffee table up next to baby and line with pillows in case he rolls. It works for now. My husband's snoring is so loud lately that I can't be in the same room anyway... we've dtd, I find that it makes my life more tolerable. I'm still taking the Domperidone, so...
I'm not sure, but I think that Easton is either teething or wanting food?  He's CONSTANTLY drooling, to the point where he will soak the front of his shirts or a bib, always has his hands in his mouth or always putting his toys in his mouth.  We've given him TINY tastes of pureed veggies and not sure if he's interested.  He didn't choke and seemed like he knew what to do with his tongue.  He's just shy of 4 months so I know that it's early.  He's holding his head up nice...
Baby Smurf, I was just thinking about that, it was about this time last year that I found out that I was pregnant (a year ago this Saturday to be exact).  Makes me kind of wish I was pregnant again...  lol. Also, I came across this article and found it rather interesting (as a parent who uses a hybrid of AP- mostly because my son is in daycare and I can't be with him 24/7)   http://holisticsquid.com/why-we-ditched-attachment-parenting/
I'm a ladies man...
I'm starting to scoot around!
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