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It's a Carters sleeper from Target.  It says "my first Halloween" on it and came with a hat :)
LOVE seeing all of the smiles and happy babies!!
I'm trying to crawl!
My babe had a REALLY hard time with his shots- temp, fussy, not eating, just not himself for 3 days. DH was so upset that he wants us to sign a waiver and refuse the rest of his shots. I'm nervous about this since he's in a daycare where he could be exposed... Not sure what to do.
Pooped out from a long day outside. 3 months, 1 week old.
Oh how I WISH that I was only 11 lbs over my ppreg weight... I've got 40 lbs to lose. %$@&... I just want to strangle the experts who said that bf helps you lose weight! It only makes me more hungry!! Lol. I'm happy to report that I'm able to pump 20-26 oz per day and I only need to pump every 6-8 hours. It works for us and I can sleep and keep my sanity. I'm so happy that I decided not to give up. From my last session- woo hoo! Lol
Agghhh!! Influenza ALREADY?!? I'm so sorry- what a nightmare. It's probably from someone who's been traveling, spreading germs in public places... Take care, hope everyone stays healthy.
 When I try to explain this to DH, he thinks that I'm just making up excuses to avoid him.  He's reacting rather childishly to it all.  I'm back to work so it's been hard trying to adjust to working again and getting a routine down.  A part of why I have zero desire to DTD is because of the Domperidone, but it's so worth it because I'm able to pump about 24 oz a day (may not seem like much to those with good supply- but for me, it's almost doubled my supply).  So, I know...
I absolutely love sleeping with my son at night.  I can hear every move and am able to intervene quickly if he wakes up and fusses (sometimes he's cold and kicked his blanket off and goes right back to sleep (so it never progresses into "crying" and I'm able to meet his needs right away.  My husband has been sleeping on the couch and I've been sleeping in the bed with baby.  We do have a co-sleeper unit for baby if we want him to sleep in between us, but that hasn't worked...
I've been lucky- I can eat anything and it doesn't bother Easton. I'm trying to eat gluten free for weight loss, and mostly vegetarian. I can't give up cheese- I'm obsessed!
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