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My baby essentially did the same thing as a newborn. I realized she wasn't "nursing" so much as she wanted to be latched and suckling. Many babies will take a pacifier as a trade off but mine did not. He will probably start nursing less as he is able to stay fuller longer when he grows bigger. Also, a lot of people will say pain when latching is a sign that he is not latched properly, but I think nipples also need some time to get used to so much nursing. I was sore in the...
Definitely follow your instincts. Every time I do it works out rather than listening to what you "should" do.
I really enjoyed Birth Matters by Ina May Gaskin - very inspiring stories. I also recommend The Baby Book by Bill & Martha Sears. 
I'm not sure what the recommended amount is, but I drink a gallon a day and haven't had any dryness or supply issues for my 4mo. old. I keep a big 32 oz. cup by my side day and night and refill frequently. 
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