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One more baby to add to the arrivals list - didn't quite make it into June, but almost! My little Catie Grace was born yesterday, 2:38 am, after a just 3 hour intense labor. All natural VBAC! She came out at 9#5oz and 21.75 inches.   Blessings to all of you and your LOs!  
Kitteh I'm hoping you're holding your sweet baby now!  GL also to veggieviola & lilmojo!   I was "stretchy to 4 cm" when I consented to a membrane sweep a few days ago, and this morning I just passed a very large, noticeable plug. I've been trying to talk myself into thinking "ok this could be a July 8+ baby" (I was due 6/24, for sure date based on charting) but now I'm feeling hopeful again. Lots of walking on the menu for today - lucky for me it's the day of the...
Hi kitteh & all, I haven't posted much here but have been following along, especially this thread.   Just wanted to chime in that at least you are not alone kitteh! I'm 40+4 and feeling very similarly. I don't have a first NST till Monday and am kind of wishing it were sooner. Had membranes swept on Wednesday and since then it's been nighttime "stop & go" even though I also have been told baby is in a great position. I guess I'll be trying spinning babies exercises...
This is so exactly how I feel. Well, minus the puking (hope you're feeling better). Due in 1 week, was totally motivated and nesting and excited all of last week, and it has all drained away. Got up and made DH breakfast in bed this morning, ate, then dissolved into miserable tears and took a 2 hour nap. :rolleyes:   Peace and Patience would be good. I'm trying.
We decorated a nursery for our first, and it was wonderful to do. Moved out of that house though, and are in a smaller one now (thank you recession) so no space to have a dedicated nursery. This baby will just have to fit in to existing spaces - co-sleeping in our room, then eventually sharing with DS, changing station in another room.   If we had space & funds, I'd love to do it again.
I'm on Monday too. Good luck to all!
Wow, thanks so much for the holding the belly up while peeing trick. That never occurred to me the first time, and I tried it today and it totally worked! YAY!
I think of buying one every day. I  hope it works well for you, I hear you on the desire for peace of mind!
This describes me too. It's frustrating...I want a bump! If for no other reason than that people might give me their seat on overcrowded buses, haha! ;)
I've been feeling things for a couple of weeks, but inconsistently, and I can't prompt movement by pushing on either side of my belly yet. I know I'm still early (16w) but I wish I were feeling more, I get too freaked out wondering if things are still ok.
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