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Take a look at these and see if they fit the bill to educate your doctor with:   www.cirp.org/library/normal/   http://www.doctorsopposingcircumcision.org/pdf/GenitalIntegrityStatement.pdf   http://drmomma.blogspot.com/2009/09  
I spent all 12 years of grade school in boys boarding schools that had totaly open, communal shower rooms. What you say is correct - in high school. Prior to that homophobia was not on anyone's radar. In elementary school we all looked, we all knew everyone's status, but it did not matter. It was just accepted that there were two different kinds of penis. I do not recall one single instance of teasing based on circumcision status. Incidentaly the ratio was about 2/3...
  Actualy, in general terms, circumcision is worse.  When we hear of female circumcision, or FGM, everyone tends to think of the most severe form that involves excision of the clitoris, clitoral hood, labia, and even sometimes involves infibulation.  The fact is that only about 10% of FGM is anything like that. The vast majority of cases involve nothing more that a little nick. Just enough to draw blood. Incidentaly, that is more or less how circumcision started out being...
Jeanie, your post so vividly portrays a gentle and compassionate personality.  I just want to hug people like you.  Those that go through life denying that that there is any harm from circumcision are the ones that I shake my head in despair over.  How can they have so little logic in their heads that they do not see the risk of physical and psychological damage?  And I live with one them!    
I love what you said - hopefully it made her think.  
This is a small part of it - the glans is supposed to be an internal organ, and when circumcision makes it exposed the surface becomes keratinized and many times thicker and drier than it is supposed to be.   HOWEVER, the main reason is that the foreskin is a not only the most sensitive part of a penis, but also a complex structure with neural connections to the brain that allow an intact man to feel where he is at....
  I have a cousin who is married to a doctor that was a GP all his working life (now long retired). He told me once that they circumcised all the little boys that were in that hospital "unless the mother had serious objection".  Now I know he is not a pervert or a pedophile, but I have always wondered why they were so keen to cut every boy that they could get their hands on.
Let's try the last one again:  www.norm-uk.org/circumcision_psychological_effects.html   written by Janet Menage.
Mama24-7 , I think what you were refering to is this: www.cirp.org/library/pain/taddio2/  which is found among many other papers on the subject at www.cirp.org/library/pain/ .   Also of interest, and related, is:  www.cirp.org/library/psych/  which also references quite a large number of papers, one of the most interesting of which is:  www.norm_uk.org/circumcision_psychological_effects.html  
I think you misinterpreted what I stated. First, my answer was a somewhat tongue-in-cheek reply to the TITLE of the thread. Second, there is a "not" in the middle of my sentence.   However, having said that, I do not believe that any doctor is compelled to circumcise little boys. That is a choice that they, themselves have made. I have far more respect for those nurses and doctors who honor their oath "To do no harm" and refuse to participate in the custom.    
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