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We just ended up moving last week so I haven't found anyone yet but if I do, I'll let you know. Thanks to those of you who responded. I believe I will try the Dr's mentioned. It is at least somewhere to start. My daughter is almost 2 and has no vaccinations. I have a few selected I want to get her but not all. I want someone who is ok with that. :)
I already "like" mothering and VacciShield. 
I feel getting my children certain vaccinations is less risky than not vaccinating but it's still a small risk so I would love to use VacciShield on them during that time!
We will be moving to Oklahoma City soon and I wondering if anyone has or knows of a family practitioner or pediatrician who is natural minded or at very least is ok with the parents taking charge of what vaccines their children do or don't get. I'd also like to have a natural minded OBGYN for check-ups and as a back-up if there are complications and a homebirth won't work. If anyone has any reccommendations, even if they aren't all that I could hope for, any Doctors who...
Definitely. We just called it our privates growing up (both boys and girls) and my husbands family had similar names, and I think it creates a "dirty" connotation. I think children feel like if we can't say the name of our body parts something must be wrong with it, or it isn't good. However, I haven't ever thought about getting so technical. I will definitely consider that.
Also liked both mothering and gaia herbs on facebook!
Would love to win this for my little family!
Shared on my wall as well!
My kids would love this!
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