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Thanks for all your great and interesting responses and feedback.  I guess I should take a step back and ask, what motivated you to make this decision to homeschool?  
Hi Eris,   What I am trying to get at is whether affluence is a driver in the ability of the parents to really be engaged in the intellectual development of a child outside of a traditional, structured environment.  Homeschooling is one aspect of it.     If there is a better place to pose these questions, let me know.  
Hello,   I am a grad student and I am doing research on the differences in high income, medium income, and low income parents view educational enrichment activities, particularly those with a math and science bent.  I am curious to know about the following from those with higher income levels:   What types of activities do you engage with your child How much of the outside activities you engage with your child are educational in value When do you have...
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