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What reason is CPS giving for not wanting your H to have your stepson? If he's a legal parent, they have to give him a reason in writing and a case plan to work. 
Do you mind my asking why they scheduled a c/s?
I don't think you get to ask, and I don't know, honestly, why you'd want it if you HAD to ask for it. If she doesn't feel comfortable giving you affection, pushing her for it isn't good for either of you, and she'll probably end up resenting you.   I love my partner, but I'm just NOT a very affectionate person. I make an effort because I know it matters so much to him, but honestly, once I got pregnant, I just couldn't. I know I used the term 'touched out', but it's...
Journeymom, she told him when he asked her out. I don't think she had an obligation to disclose before that. She might not have known he was interested. 
Also, my partner and I are pregnant, and I have a five year old and between the kid inside me and the kid that needs to be fed and helped with homework and snuggled and stuff, I'm touched OUT. My partner doesn't hassle me. At ALL. If he did, OMG. I would really, really resent him. 
I've been a single mom. And, after two months, a guy was pressuring me for more affection and attention, I'd be gone. And that's without dealing with all the changes that come with giving birth.    She has her hands full, and her attention SHOULD be on the new baby. Frankly, if you can't see that this is the way it SHOULD be, then you're not in the right relationship. If you care about her, give her the space she needs-- her whole life has been turned upside down....
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